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John "Nappy Latino" Napolitano - Guitar, Vocals

Gordon Cox - Guitar

David Mundy - Bass

Jason Rushing - Drums

Flywheel was started by David Mundy, Jason Rushing, and John Napolitano. They played every chance they got in Jason's building behind his house. They had countless amounts of singers in there band, one of which did not work out. He quit the band, and took the drums, which were his, and wouldnt let us practice with them. In a years time from that, Flywheel has been getting screwed over by pretty much everyone they meet that has anything to do with there band. John, and Dave were easy all they needed were guitars, and amps. Jason had it rough. He had a new car, had a job to pay for that car only pretty much. He met a girl that just lied all the time, and proved to be nothing but a nuisance. She told everyone that she had inherited $250,000! And she bought jason a new drum set. And then Jason tried to explain nicely to her that he wanted nothing to do with her, but he took the drum set (HELL YA JAY!!!) Well eventually they took the drum set back. She still threatens to kill us every chance she gets. Oh and by the way... she is a certified PSYCHO! well anyway... Maybe a couple weeks went by Jason met another girl, Crystal, her brother was a guitar player. His name was Gordon. Gordon came over to a jam session and played with us. John wanted him in the band. Gordon agreed. Then 2 days later Gordon found us a singer. His name is Brian Marze. He has ultimately proved to be the best singer yet. He knows everything about the buisiness, and helps out a lot. Brian left the band, and will now manage Flywheel. John taken over singing, and will be in your face soon! Now Flywheel is complete, and we hope to see you in the pit tearing it up for us, and we will tear it up for you!

Thanks... Method 51, 5 Lb Bag, Blackaciddico, Five Times Down, Brian Craig, Willy Liles, Dale Cobbler, Andy Alderidge, The Rushing Family, Crystal Cox, Joey and Jerry Cole, August, Steven, Tammy, Jeff and Lori, Jeremy Dieker, The Matthews Volunteer Firefighters, Justin O' Connor, Josh Bishop, Alex Walters, Clarissa, Zig and Darcy, Marcus, Erik Stroop and Kelly. and anyone we forgot we are sorry, please e-mail John and if he sees it fit for you to be thanked, then we will thank you.